Keeping your teeth healthy


Oral health has a significant impact on the overall health. Oral infections may cause severe health problems that are not only painful but also expensive to treat. Two of the most common oral diseases are caries and gum disease. Both of these can be prevented or at least considerably reduced by regular care and appropriate diet. Take care of your teeth and gums!


Here are some practical tips for keeping your teeth healthy:

  1. Brush your teeth with a soft brush after main meals.
  2. Replace your brush every 3 months
  3. Use fluoride toothpaste
  4. Dental floss and inter-dental toothbrushes are recommendable, as they reach areas your toothbrush can't
  5. Avoid frequent intake of sugary snacks and beverages between meals
  6. Do not put a baby to bed with a bottle. The fluid will stay in the baby’s mouth while she is sleeping and cause caries.
  7. Saliva helps keeping teeth healthy. Enjoy toothfriendly products – chewing gum, mints, bonbons and lollipops - to stimulate the saliva in your mouth
  8. Visit your dentist 1-2 times a year