Toothfriendly Newsletter

Confectionery edition 1/2013 (PDF)

- Ingredients for success

- Gummy bears & other Toothfriendy novelties

- Guidelines to pH-telemetry testing

Confectionery edition 1/2012 (PDF)

- Front-of-pack labeling

- Winners and losers of EFSAs health claim rulings

- Toothfriendly Smarties and other product novelties

Confectionery Edition 1/2011 (PDF) 

- What's hot in Toothfriendly?

- Formulating toothfriendly gummy bears

- Strategy briefing with isomalt


Confectionery Edition 1/2010 (PDF)

- Top ten toothfriendly trends

- EFSA says "yes" to dental claims

- Toothfriendly labelling explained


Confectionery Edition 1/2009 (PDF)

- New product launches

- Expert opinion: xylitol is not a magic bullet

- Sugar-free vs. toothfriendly?

- EU: Dental health claims under scrutiny


Confectionery Edition 1/2008 (PDF)

- New toothfriendly product launches

- Innovations in ingredients

- Toothfriendly chocolate


Confectionery Edition 1/2007 (PDF)

- Toothfriendly in China

- Sugar-free market grows

- New products


Confectionery Edition 1/2006 (PDF)

- TI's caries prevention program expands

- Oral B and Banat team up with Toothfriendly

- New product launches



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