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EFSA says yes to Toothfriendly labeling (4.7.2011)

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) issued a favourable opinion on the "Toothfriendly" health claim for foods and beverages that are demonstrably non-cariogenic and non-erosive. Read more



Thai dentists say no to sugar (22.3.2011)

First toothfriendly confectionery products are expected to be launched in Thailand later on this year. Read more



First Toothfriendly concept store opened in Germany (29.1.2011)

The innovative concept store marks another cornerstone in the association's strategy to expand the toothfriendly product selection to chocolate, caramel and other specialty confectionery. Read more



Stevia is Toothfriendly-Approved (20.12.2010) 

Wild's Sunwin Stevia has been awarded with the Toothfriendly quality seal. Read more



Toothfriendly Logo Tops On-Label Poll in Switzerland (1.11.2010)

The Toothfriendly logo - a dental quality seal for confectionery - ranks among the most recognized quality labels in Switerland, according to market research group Nielsen. Read more



Sugar-free confectionery reduces tooth decay (15.10.2010)

The European Food Safety Authority has approved a health claim for sugar-free chewing gum. Read more


Dentists Give Go-Ahead for HiPP Baby Teas (4.10.2010)

The first baby teas have been approved as "safe for teeth" by Toothfriendly International. Read more



First pacifier certified as "toothfriendly" (24.3.2009)

German pacifier manufacturer Novatex has developed the first pacifier with no known detrimental effect on teeth and jaw development. The pacifier named as “Dentistar” has been granted the recognized ‘Happy Tooth’ quality seal from the dental experts of Toothfriendly International. Read more



Swiss Bischofszell debutes toothfriendly ice tea (1.2.2009)

A Swiss-based beverage manufacturer Bishofszell has introduced the world first ice tea with a focus on healthy teeth. The new isomaltulose-sweetened beverage has been scientifically tested by the University of Zurich and is guaranteed safe for teeth. First to be launched in the leading Swiss retailer Migros in Spring 2009, the toothfriendly ice tea is going into German and UK supermarkets later this year. Read more



Belgians whip up first toothfriendly chocolate (1.2.2009)

It looks like chocolate, it tastes like chocolate, and it is chocolate – but it wont rot your teeth. Two Belgian chocolate specialists, Chocolaterie Smet and Daskalides, have just launched the first toothfriendly chocolate products. Also Barry Callebaut, the world’s largest chocolate manufacturer, knows the secret of dentist-friendly chocolate. Read more



EU: Dental health claims under scrutiny (11.11.2008)

European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has recently approved a claim which states that 100% xylitol-sweetened chewing gum may reduce the risk of tooth decay, while rejecting a similar health claim to xylitol-sweetened candies. The "toothfriendly" health claim may continue to be made. Read more



Chocolate consumers turn toothfriendly (3.3.2008)

Recent EFSA statement supports health claims on products which contain non-cariogenic sugars

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Barry Callebaut obtains dentists' endorsement for its newly developed toothfriendly chocolate (28. 9. 2007)

Barry Callebaut's new non-laxative chocolate receives "Happy Tooth" quality seal from Tooothfriendly International

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Sugar-free chewing gum: Consistent Growth (15.7.2007)

Sugar-free chewing gum continues to dominate the international market. Whereas almost 100 per cent market penetration has already reached in some countries, developing markets show significant growths, reports Palatinit.

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Toothfriendly at the ISM 2007 (25.1.2007)

New toothfriendly product launches introduced at the ISM. Download press release and product pictures here.



Happy Birthday, Happy Tooth (5.1.2007)

Toothfriendly International celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Happy Tooth Mark.

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Läkerol goes very berry (30. 6. 2006)

Leaf presents a wide range of toothfriendly Läkerol pastilles. A new flavour, forest berry, was recently launched in Singapore and Hong Kong.

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Espresso lovers sweet tooth (15.6.2006)

Perfetti has introduced an indulgence of creamy Espresso Van Melle drops for coffee connosseurs in the Benelux countries. Toothfriendly recommends! Read more



Mentos spreads it's wings (31.3.2006)

New Mentos Gum has been launched in the Benelux countries. The toothfriendly-certified gum is a brand extension to the successful freshmaker range. Read more



Toothfriendly beverage approved (15.3.2006)

Cargill Juice Beverage Applications has developed the first toothfriendly soft drink. "Smile" was tested and approved by Toothfriendly International.

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Lidl goes Toothfriendly (2.1.2006)

Lidl labels it's whole range of sugar-free chewing gum with the "Happy Tooth" quality mark.

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Toothfriendly sugar tagatose approved in the EU (16.12.2005)

The UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) has announced the approval of tagatose as a Novel Food in the EU. 2006 may see the debut of tagatose candies marketed to children and health-conscious adults in Europe.

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Chupa Chups expands toothfriendly lollipops (12.12.2005)

Chupa Chups continues to expand the successful Cremosa line with a new Caramel flavour. The creamy lollipop is positioned as a toothfriendly indulgence for the whole family.

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Charity action: Chupa Chups supports healthy teeth (4.11.2005)

Chupa Chups is supporting the Toothfriendly Foundation with a generour annual contribution. The Foundation implements an oral hygiene education program at schools for underprivileged children.

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Lawsuit against Ricola dismissed (11.10.2005)

A court has dismissed a lawsuit filed against Ricola in France. The herbal candies were proven toothfriendly.

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Fisherman's Friend in Mini-Format (21.09.2005)

New minisize Fisherman's Friends is launched in Switzerland. Guaranteed strong and toothfriendly...

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Happy Tooth awareness rockets in Switzerland (18.8.2005)

According to a recent study, 83% of the Swiss population recognizes the Happy Tooth as a guarantee for toothfriendly sweets.

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