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Licensing the Toothfriendly logo

The Toothfriendly logo is a registered trademark which may be used only on confectionery products which have been shown to be toothfriendly, i.e. non-cariogenic and non-erosive, in a standardized, scientific test. Currently there are three independent university institutes which are equipped to perform this test.


Manufacturers who wish to use the Toothfriendly logo on the label and in the advertising of their toothfriendly products, must have:

  1. tested their product(s) for "toothfriendliness" at one of the accredited test centers, and
  2. concluded a license agreement with Toothfriendly International for use of the Happy Tooth mark on the label and in the advertising.


According to the license agreement, the user of the Toothfriendly logo will pay a license fee. Companies who are members in good standing of Toothfriendly International enjoy a reduced license fee. The "Toothfriendly Labeling Guide" contains a summarized explanation of the quality criteria and application procedure, including visual guidelines on how our logo should be used. 


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